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One of a Kind Pearls

Andy Müller's brand concept is to create pearl jewelry items that bring out the unique charm of each pearl for everyone to enjoy on a daily basis.

Jewel Wine Charm With South Sea Pearls

Wine Charms for special occasions or even daily use

Developed with the idea of “enhancing the dining experience with the glow of jewelry.”
It is the first product in a line of goods for daily use produced by the pearl brand ANDY MÜLLER.

Being a brand that adheres to what is “real,” this is a product that we can truly be confident about.
Please enjoy the unique shape of each pearl.

Each uses a power stone (natural stone) which becomes a colour accent and has special meaning.

Pearls themselves have "the power to give the energy of life that the great oceans have given birth to."

Set of Six

Characteristics of the Pearls and Power Stones

A symbol of kindness and purity, enchanting health and well being

A symbol of strength to pursue your goals and succeed in times of stress

Pink Agate

Smoothes and strengthens family relationships

(Sky Blue)

Strengthens important friendships


Friendship, honesty and integrity leading to success

(Deep Blue)

Heightens intuition and encourages progress


Confidence and bravery to achieve ambitions

Green Agate

Healing power to balance the inner spirit

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■ Avoid direct sun light.

■ Wash with water after use and wipe carefully with soft cloth.

■ To prevent accidental ingestion, please keep it out of reach of children.

■ Uses all natural items, each pearl is of a unique size and shape

ANDY MÜLLER Product Line Up


With over 40 years of experience and devotion in the field of cultured pearls, Swiss national Andy Müller is internationally known, awarded and respected as an expert in the industry among the world’s largest pearl traders.

Often at the very source of these beautiful gems, Andy has gained his position in the global pearl industry as a seasoned pioneer and a veteran wholesale trader.

Located in “Pearl City Kobe” Japan, Andy Müller’s HINATA Trading is known to supply top quality South Sea Pearls at competitive prices to many professional clients from across the world, mainly located in Europe, Asia and the United States.

1997: Decorated "Chevalier dans L'Ordre de Tahiti Nui" by French Polynesian President Gaston Flosse.

2009: Awarded the Gemmological Excellence Award by the Swiss Gemmological Society


Announced at TOKYO FASHION WEEK in 2016
Started at the Tokyo collection of LEONARDWONG_2017ss, there have been regular announcements of collaboration products, as well as items sold at Seibu and Mitsukoshi department stores.


We’ve decided to expand our experience of 45 years in the pearl industry to create fine interior decorative pieces, which will bring the beauty of the pearl into your home.

All our unique and beautiful tiles are carved from naturally coloured and untreated Mother-of-Pearl oysters sourced from the famous pearl producing oceans of Tahiti, Australia and Indonesia.